Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Patience and Frozen Soil

Last week I got excited about how warm it'd been and that the soil was starting to thaw - Savanna & I planted some hollyhocks, a few bulbs, and started digging a hole for a lilac bush (that was supposed to have been planted last year).  I got about 6" down the first day so I just left it dug out and let it thaw until the next day.  Working at it every day it took a week to get the bush planted, but today I finished and am now chiseling away at the next lilac's hole.  Pre-children I never would have had the patience to just dig a little out every day, I would have broken out the pick and had it done!  Now I realize that it's OK to go slow - very slow sometimes - as long as the end result is accomplished.
I spoke to the head of the local Farmer's Market this afternoon and now have a "Informational Meeting" to go to on the 22nd!  She said that it's a meeting to share ideas for the market and go over what is required of vendors.  I can hardly wait to go and see what the goals are etc for the Market.