Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Death and Breadmaking

We make bread for the couple whose land our heifer lives on, and up until recently made bread for the man's mother (who also lived on the property) too.  His mother died a week or so ago and we didn't even know!  I called for his order this morning and he mentioned it in conversation - like surely I'd heard.  I felt horrible, but I'm not part of the gossip mill here really and have been so busy I haven't read the last couple papers.  She said that she was happy I made bread for her because she didn't like the store bread but couldn't make it for herself anymore.  She said that she "slices it and freezes it, so it toasts like those Ego-things."  We didn't know her well, but she was a nice woman and a loss is still - well - a loss.  Making bread this week will be a solemn thing...not making them two loaves, just one.  She was blessed to have gone quickly and quietly though - I wish it were that way for all of us.