Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being the change.

In a wonderful moment of clarity, I decided that the most important thing that we can do is something - anything - that puts us closer to our goals.
This evening I got to go out for a walk/jog with my dogs alone.  It was wonderful!  We all need quiet time to gather thoughts, but too often I don't take them and end up jumbled.  So.  I realized that we need to have a piece of land that is close to our grocery store - because surely if its in the same area, stopping by will be that much easier for our customers.  Also, we should be talking to people who own land locally and may be interested in providing a place for a small farm to produce food for local consumption.  There are several places that are on the market as commercial space that are close to town, but there isn't much of a "commercial" market boom going on so maybe they'd be interested in leasing to us for a couple years or until it sells.  There are also several pieces of land that are fallow/empty/neglected.  My goal for this week is to find out who owns some of these places and get contact information for them.  Even if they tell us no, there is bound to be a yes somewhere in our future.  It's good for us to talk to people about our plans, not only does it get the word out, but it also makes us better at presenting our ideas - refining them.  I've been randomly talking to people in the grocery store, getting input and realizing that really, we'd all like to eat fresh, local food...but either it isn't available or it isn't affordable.  Being affordable is a HUGE goal of ours.  Good food should not be a class-defining thing.
My mom is always harping on us to practice "The Secret" so thats what I'm doing - there is a place thats just right out there for us, we just have to "put it out there" that we're looking for it and ready to accept it.  What we are all truly asking for will materialize.  We just have to work to be the change that we wish to see.