Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Need a little help from you "foodies" out there (Updated)

Alright, I keep trying to make ricotta (not just queso blano though we have been making that too) and keep getting a firm product that while delicious, is not fitting the creamy-use-it-for-sauces-and-fillings bill.  Do any of you know if the fat content needs to be high in order to get a soft product?  I'm using whole milk (mostly) but some recipes say add cream - others don't.  Help! Please!  I'll keep cruising the net to see if I can get an answer there but if you have input please give it :)

Yes, you do need a lot of fat for a soft product!  We get a lot of cheese but it's firm because it is mostly protein and little fat.  Sunday we'll try a "fat" batch.