Saturday, May 8, 2010

The infamous barn cat

Protector of the grain - unless a raccoon shows up
This is Bluey, he's the cat living in the barn where Ruby is.  Once a day he gets about a quarter cup of fresh milk.  He spends nearly two hours a day trying to convince me that he's missed his calling and is supposed to be a house cat.  He'll actually hop up a little when you reach down to pick him up, he's that excited.  He plays in the hay like a wild animal while I feed the beef cows - which catches the attention of the three calves there, who in turn chase him around the hay area.  Funny how "simple" chores can be so entertaining.


Tammie said...

delightful post! i enjoyed it.

Elucid said...

Don't you LOVE cat TV it's my Favorite channel! okay okay so I don't have tv per se just internet (hulu netflix); but I would so rather watch the cats and dogs interact with eachother. Scipa, the biggest dog, is in LOVe with the cat and gets all perked up handsome and tail wagging walks where ever they go-