Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feeling centered again

The older calves play with me while I feed (this is after the blizzard this week).  They peek around the side and as I feed they run around the bale to look from behind me.  Good thing I have a camera phone : )

Today I made cheese, and was going to take some to the man that has been helping us so much - Justin - at the local NRCS office.  I realized that Richard has been wanting to meet him so we waited for him and went as a family.  We all talked about the things that we need to know, know, and have to find and Richard now is so much more confident about the help that we're getting!  Now he understands why I trust Justin's opinion to be a solid one (even if we may not entirely agree) and has learned new things because he was able to discuss it with someone who knows much much more about the science end of mob-grazing/management.  We also now have specific zones of the area we live in that we are shooting for.  There is a huge difference in how you are able to stock your animals (based on forage production per acre), and now we have a region that produces much better than others in the area.  BUT, in the areas that are sub-irrigated - think close to the river, high water table - while the production is lower, you don't have the same irrigation costs.  Lots to think about.
Life is so beautiful for us right now.  Constantly evolving, occasionally trying, but ultimately incredible.  We are so blessed to enjoy what it is to be living and to have the courage to take small, breathtaking risks.


Tammie said...

that is so interesting, even though i don't understand it entirely. i am amazed at how much there is to know, also impressed with your understanding.

Erin said...

Thanks Tammie :) You can always ask me to explain if you like...