Monday, April 18, 2011

Bed Hoops & Seeds In

Yesterday was the first in a long time that Richard got to stay home and work outside with me (nap time is our "outside/work date").  We got some important things done!  A year or so ago, he snagged a huge roll of Pex tubing (think a cross between drip line and PVC, bendy but pretty hard) and yesterday he drug it out for the hoop supports.  This is one instance that I can honestly say I'm thrilled he's a stuff hound.  It's not a common emotion for me, I may have to mark this down somewhere.  Usually I'm trying to sneak things off to the dump!  Anyways, the front bed is half-hooped/covered with plastic and the others will be shortly (one has all it's hoops and no plastic yet).  Happy seeds/starts.

There are seedlings all over the section on the left, but my cell phone is only so skilled at detail-catching.  Note on the white labels you see here:  they are mini-blinds, cut to desired length.  Recycled due to naughty, blind-destroying children :)

We're pushing the season this year a bit, trying to get things growing earlier in an effort to feed ourselves well, earlier!  We have the following in the ground:

Chiogga Beets
Five-Color Silverbeet (chard, but the pretty kind)
Swiss Chard (green stems)
Lettuce Mix
Simpson Lettuce
Yellow Onion Seeds
Walla Walla Onion "starts" aka 6" tall sets
Amish Snap Peas
Sweet Peas

In the cold frame we have:

Siberian Tomatoes
Stupice Tomatoes
Cheyenne Pumpkins
Velvet Queen Sunflowers
Snap Dragons

I am planting in a different way this year in an effort to stem harvest insanity this fall.  The aim is for steady not sudden.  These are things you ponder when you're up at midnight harvesting or canning - "how can I make this less crazy next year?!" 

Next up, we're tracking down a rototiller and getting the "compost" area turned well and also tilling a 12'x60' +/- along one side of the lot, then the strip up front between the sidewalk and the street which is 4' x 120' +/-.  The big, long sections will be planted in sweet clover to prepare for next years production (it's very first).  I am REALLY excited about expanding our planting area by so much, next year is going to be amazing!


Debbie From The Bookstore said...

Your next door neighbors are thinking when your yard becomes to small for all of this food production we could offer up a bit or our back yard too. (Of course this will be easier when our fence is done and there is a gate between us)

Tammie said...

Good work, girl! i'm hoping to learns some things from you.

Christina said...

As usual, I'm in amazement over your productivity and resourcefulness! Let me know when some of that lettuce is ready for purchase! :D

Erin said...

Debbie - Thank you! That gate is going to be wonderful!

Tammie - Thanks! I'm working almost every afternoon (nap time) outside, feel free to come by :)

Christina - Thank you, Richard is the ultimate source-r of free things we can use. I will certainly keep you posted on anything that is available!