Thursday, March 31, 2011

Harvest Potluck - September 10th!

Yes, it 'tis the plain 'ol "Harvest Potluck."

Because it's simple, and I like simple.

I wanted a name that would cross cultural boundaries, something fun and snappy, then realized that it didn't have to be.  People were excited enough with the word "potluck" - it'd be pure madness if I had a stellar name.  Crowd control would put this free event over budget!

This isn't a completely thought-out event yet, but here are the basics:

  • It's open to the public - as feeders or eaters or both!
  • The main ingredient of each dish must be produced in southwest Montana but not necessarily by you.
  • There will be music:  The Dillon Fiddlers have agreed to play country and bluegrass.
  • I'm hoping to get local grain, potato, beef and lamb producers involved also.  BBQ would be awesome.
  • Horseshoes for the adults and "wa-shoes" for the kids.
  • An information booth will be available, and all dishes will be tagged with the "production" information.  People can network and eat, no shopping.
  • It is not a fair, festival, or anything else super-duper entertaining.
  • It's good food and community.
  • I have very little idea what I'm doing, but it's working so far! 

I reserved the park (September 10th)- while also paying my water bill, love a small town - and got the run-down from the Mayor on the fact that I don't need a single permission, permit or inspection.  "We love people to do stuff like that. It sounds great" was all he had to say about it.  Oh, and he was glad I was going for participation from farmers and ranchers too.

Talking to the Farmers Market group on Monday, so should have a bit more to say about this then!