Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bad weeds

Ruby has been out on pasture for the last week (off and on for a couple months) and has been loving it.  I love seeing her on pasture rather than in a big pen, and her calf has the best time running around.  The only thing is - whatever weed is out in that pasture that she's eating, it's making her milk taste horrible!  It goes straight to the dogs.  I don't know if it is only a weed that is just now up and growing strong or what, but she has to live back in the pen.  If she were a beef cow this obviously wouldn't be an issue, but since her milk is a family staple we will bring her in.  Like the "don't-eat-that" sheriff of pasture land, I'm bringing her in lol.  I can only hope that once the grasses/weeds mature she can go back out without spoiling the milk.   She stayed in for the first time this morning, and mooed at me when she realized I was leaving her there.  Talk about feeling like a heel! 


Christina said...

Aw...poor Ruby. : ) Hopefully you get it figured out soon so she can have the tasty grass she loves and you can have the tasty milk you need!

Erin said...

I sure hope so. In the day that she's been in she's dropped weight, but I'm sure she'll pick back up soon. Once the "second" cow we're picking up next month gets here it'll be easier on her to stay in (or out hopefully).