Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Land next spring!

Through his work, Richard has talked to a man who is interested in leasing us land.  Apparently Richard's boss has been talking to land-owning customers about what we're looking for and trying to do - pretty amazing to have support from unexpected places - and as a result he approached Richard!  We are hopeful, but are obviously several steps from putting a shovel to the ground. 

We have received our seed mix lists from Justin at NRCS, and they're long lists.  Instead of a few plant species there are two batches of nearly ten species!  We would split our land, seeding half with one mix and half with the other so that the entire growing season is covered. 

Lately we are getting more and more people coming by for produce, and I just love being able to have them walk through and point to what they want.  It's just a cool experience.  Sharing our goals - letting them know what they're supporting - is wonderful.  Savanna will tell them what everything is too if she is outside with us, which I just love since I don't drill her or anything on the kinds of plants we have, she just catches on.  We are even able to sell the catnip that we originally planted to keep the cats in a certain area of the garden.  It has flourished and I figured "why not?"

I will be taking pictures of our garden again this week, and will post them shortly after.  It has grown a TON since the last photos were posted.

We have several more wild bees showing up now!  Hopefully they will pollinate the tomatoes like crazy.


Susan said...

Congratulations! It is so true that, if you put your dreams out there, they can be realized in the most unexpected ways! Fingers and toes crossed in upstate NY.

Erin said...

Thanks Susan! We're big on just "putting it out there" - it hasn't failed us yet! We sure appreciate all the support from our friends here and online :)