Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our First Butter

Tonight I made butter with raw milk for the first time, and it is heavenly.  Mind-blowing-ly delicious compared to "normal" butter.  We have a churn that was my husbands grandmothers but it smells of sour milk and I haven't had time to clean it like I want to, so we just used the Kitchenaide mixer.  Once the butter had formed, I expected to see a murky clear liquid left, but did not.  Come to find out, fresh cream that has not been allowed to age a bit leaves a different (more tasty in my opinion) product behind.  I absolutely do not mind!  Whatever it is, its a sweet, light, creamy thing that surely is much lower fat than the milk is.  We will use it for pancakes in the morning, and I'm sure that they will be amazing with our homemade butter.
One pint of cream yielded a quarter pound of butter.  The cream was so thick that it stuck to the spoon and had to be vigorously swished to even start to come off.
This whole having-our-own-milk-cow thing is just incredible so far.  Tiring, but in a wonderful way.  I can hardly wait for the day that I can walk out the back door and milk instead of driving 5 miles each way (not that this is a distance really, but it is just a few more steps in the process).
We are getting a gallon of milk a day, and are overflowing!  I've ordered the ingredients to make mozzarella and ricotta and will be thrilled when they're here not just because I LOVE these cheeses, but because I'm on the verge of tossing milk!  We'll be making cottage cheese and yogurt too so hopefully that will help.  I now understand how with a cow you can supply so many foods for your family.
May I say that I'm thrilled we didn't go with a breed that gave more milk, I would not know what to do with it all!


Tammie said...

: ) mmm. my mouth is watering.