Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting out & planning for Farmer's Market this year

Alright - off we go!
This weekend we printed all the information we'd need (hopefully, it says so lol) from the Montana Department of Agriculture web site.  We found a local organic feed supplier only two hours away!  What luck!  I was worried we'd have to find a way to get feed from much farther away.  Plus, they only make feed for hogs and chickens - perfect.

Sunday we bought $125 of seed for our garden this year!  We'll be producing as much as possible so that we can show records of our production when we apply for funding.  We figure if we can show profit and production from less than a 1/4 acre lot then it'll help.

Today's To-Do:

  1. Call the Range Management Specialist for this area, I've heard he idolizes Joel Salatin & Polyface Farms so he may be an excellent source of information.  
  2. Contact the Small Business Administration for an appointment with a SCORE counselor (you can take them an idea and they get you pointed in the right direction in regards to paperwork, business plan etc).